Operating Principles

Pray Hard

Praying is the first order of business. We can’t do God’s business on our own resources. The way to get on God’s resources and to get God’s help is to pray.

Ask for Help

The very first thing that Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew’s Gospel is the first Beatitude – ask for help. When we ask God for help and ask others for help, we get help.

Apprentice with Jesus

Matthew’s Gospel provides an apprenticeship with Jesus that we will follow. Matthew shows us how to get the character of Jesus in us and how to do the things that Jesus did.

Passion Driven, Gift Based Ministry

In each of our hearts are things we care deeply about, things we are passionate about. They have been put there by God to be used to call us into ministry. God has given us gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences that are tools to be used to do something about those things we are passionate about. When we team with others who have the same passion we have and use the different gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences God has given us, we see God working in and through us to make a difference in the lives of the people around us.

Care, Growth, and Ministry best happen in Small Groups

Sunday morning worship is wonderful, but the nuts and bolts work of following Jesus together happens in small groups where we can ask questions, pray with one another, care for one another and make a difference with each other.

Always Invite

Always be praying for an opportunity to invite, looking for an opportunity to invite, using opportunities to invite. Invite to what? To worship, to a small group, to Jesus, to. . .

Continually Grow

Continually look for books to read, seminars and conferences to attend, groups to be a part of in areas where God is working to grow your life.


Paradise Coast Church wants to multiply by starting new churches on a regular basis who in turn will start new churches on a regular basis.